An Analysis, of the Thesis, in the Field of Logistics that Found at the YÖK Thesis Center and an Elaboration of the Logistics Field Within the Scope of the Department




Logistics, Department of Business Administration, Content analysis, YÖK national thesis center


This research is a content analysis study that aims to reveal the interest in the postgraduate theses written in the field of Logistics through the YÖK National Thesis Center, which is the postgraduate thesis database in Turkey, and to reveal the corresponding knowledge. Within the scope of the research, a total of 1325 scientific theses were determined by examining 1001 master's and 324 doctoral theses. Since it was observed that the Logistics field was mostly realized in the Department of Business Administration, the study was also detailed in this sub-branch. Research in Turkey includes master's and doctoral thesis fields written in the field of Logistics, universities where the theses were made, and at the same time, the theses written in the field of business administration; It includes subject headings, methods, samples, sub-topics, distribution according to titles, distribution by gender, distribution of universities according to regions, type of university, distribution of institutes, languages in which the study was written, years in which the study was written, and the distribution of the studies according to the number of pages. This research shows the current perspective of Logistics, which has recently gained momentum in terms of its field of study in Turkey, and sheds light on the future studies of researchers who will find in the literature in the field of Logistics and makes some suggestions to them.


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